Iniciatyvos fondas

About us

The Iniciatyvos fondas (Initiative Fund) social enterprise foundation was established by one of the largest investment companies in Lithuania, Invalda INVL. "Iniciatyvos fondas" strives to develop various programs for different social groups and to encourage social responsibility and initiative.

The main idea of these programmes is to give people in the country a chance to pursue relevant changes, and by supporting their initiative and encouraging independent initiative, to actively contribute to the creation of a responsible and harmonious society. The Initiative Fund's priorities may change from year to year.

Our mission – to encourage initiative and social responsibility of individuals and social groups, striving for active and harmonious society.

Our vision – to develop a system which would employ private resources in implementing initiatives, which would encourage positive changes in society. 

In 2007 “Iniciatyvos fondas” has expressed commitment to implement the United Nations Global Compact’s principles and to use the Compact as a forum for advancing responsible corporate citizenship.

Thorough the power of collective action, the Global Compact seeks to promote responsible corporate citizenship so that business can be part of the solution to the challenges of globalization. In this way, the private sector – in partnership with other social actors – can help realize a sustainable and inclusive global economy.