Iniciatyvos fondas


Positive Journal project 2016-2017

Significant positive things occur every day in society, you just have to stop and look around. The Positive Journal is a virtual home for the good things done by us all.
The Positive Journal will try to let people know about the girl next door who saved a little dog, or the elderly man who tidies up neglected graves, or perhaps that person – the soul of his or her town – who brings the whole community together by organizing celebrations.
No positive example or good news should go unnoticed. We invite everyone to become good news ambassadors – take notice of, and share with others, deeds that warm the heart! More about the project

Social initiative programme 2015

"Iniciatyvos fondas" (eng. Initiative Fund) has announced a national contest for pedagogues called "Nauja Ideja" (eng. New Idea), during which teachers, lecturers, kindergarten teachers and other pedagogues from all will have a chance to win literature on educational development. The purpose of this contest is to expand the opportunities for country's pedagogues to apply new, innovative and globally acclaimed educational programs.

Social initiative programme 2014

In 2014 Iniciatyvos Fondas organised a competition for secondary school (9-12 secondary schools and gymnasiums I-IV classes) students and high school students in Lithuania. The aim of the competition - to encourage young people to read and desire to excel. Participants in the contest had the opportunity to get the desired book, publication or subscription.

Social initiative programme 2013

Iniciatyvos Fondas invited everyone to participate in a competition offering a theme for a long-term social initiative programme.

Social initiative programme 2012

Purpose of the program is to attract attention, especially of youth to physical activity as to one of the sources of good being and mean of many illnesses' prophylaxis. Basic and secondary schools and gymnasiums students are invited to participate in the program. Those wishing to participate have to fill by themselves participant form at "Iniciatyvos fondas" Internet site and wait for pedometer arriving via mail.

Social initiative programme 2011

The goal of the "I'll grow up active 2011" programme run by "Iniciatyvos fondas" in 2011 is to draw attention to the importance of physical activity among young people. The programme aims to shed the light on the lack of physical activity and its consequences, as well as encourage young people to change their passive lifestyle into an active and healthy one.

Social initiative programme 2010 

A person learns to be responsible, when he or she has a possibility to create something by his or her own hands and heart. Social initiative programme in 2010 is seeking to encourage schools and communities of Vilnius city to take a simple action and to plant a tree in the territory of the school or the place of living.

"A book brings joy of knowledge. Let's share" - programme in support of social initiative

Programme in support of social initiative in 2009 were targeted at people, who were looking for knowledge, were constantly learning and developing. During the implementation of the programme "A book brings joy of knowledge. Let's share" employess of Invalda group were encouraged to review their personal libraries and to give books to Lithuanian public libraries. The citizens of the capital city Vilnius were also invited to share their books. Invalda has also bought a significant number of absolutely new books.

“Let’s catch tomorrow 2008” – programme in support of social initiative

In 2008 the “Iniciatyvos fondas” programme in support of social initiative will be implemented in three of Lithuania’s counties: Alytus, Utena and Tauragė. The programme, like last year, aims to promote individual and collective initiative. This year “Iniciatyvos fondas” is trying to involve more local communities and activist groups. The programme aims to encourage active search for solutions of burning social and environmental problems at local levels. The outcome of the project – a one-time event or the first phase of a long-term project.

“Catch tomorrow 2007” - programme in support of youngsters’ initiative

In cooperation with The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Lithuania, Lithuanian School Students’ Parliament and Lithuanian School Students’ newspaper “Mokyklos frontas” (The School Front), in 2007 “Iniciatyvos fondas” implemented the “Catch tomorrow” programme in support of youngsters’ initiative for Lithuanian schoolchildren of 5 – 12 forms. The programme aimed to promote youngsters’ personal initiative to try and solve the burning problems of local-to-nationwide levels. The result of the programme were essays and paintings showing schoolchildren’s perception and efforts to analyse issues, critical to the whole society, single region or community.